The Exceptional Assistant is a Virtual Personal Assistant service which can offer your business high level secretarial and administrative functions as often or as infrequently as you require.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a service you could call on that would guarantee you consistent high quality assistance whenever you need it, whether that is a few hours a week or just every now and again when things get hectic?  The Exceptional Assistant can help.

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What is the Exceptional Assistant?
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Running a workshop, seminar or presentation can be very stressful especially when your attention is pulled away from the very thing you are there to do – present.

How well you perform on the day is vital to your securing future business.  Clients won’t recommend you if your delivery is not polished and professional.  So the last things you want to be thinking about or worrying about in the middle of your workshop are registrations, catering arrangements, or tracking down a photocopier.  A small distraction like running out of handouts on the day can ruin your focus and momentum.  Hiring a professional Assistant to work on site and who understands the demands of your industry could be the answer.  The Exceptional Assistant offers fantastic day rates for speakers and presenters that will provide you with the assistance you need and make your next event a success.


Big business needs help too.  Virtual assistants are fast and efficient and with a virtual assistant you only pay for the time spent on task with the added benefit of the entire fee being tax deductible.

Hiring a virtual assistant can actually be a more cost effective solution for most businesses when compared with the cost of hiring a part-time employee or a temporary.  Whilst the salary component of the cost of hiring staff may only be $20-25 per hour, there are many ‘hidden’ costs that are carried by the employer.  Think about all the things an employer needs to provide an employee with and you will see what I mean.  There are benefits such as superannuation, Workcover premiums, sick leave and holiday pay which are all hidden costs.  Then there are material costs such as a desk, computer, software, stationery etc for the employee, not to mention overheads like office space, electricity, insurances and even tea and coffee supplies.  All of this is free with a virtual assistant and part of the hourly rate.

One other thing to think about......

If you are an employer paying your staff for 8 hours a day, how much of this time are you actually getting when you take into account things like coffee breaks, chit-chat around the water cooler, time spent surfing the net?  Statistically only about half of that 8 hour day is of practical use to the employer.  Even hiring a temp to complete a job can be expensive.  What if you only need the temp for an hour or so to complete a single task?  Often there is a minimum fee charged to employers, equivalent to four hours in time for a temp.  Download these real life examples to see how a Virtual Assistant can help your business.

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Do you need an extra pair of hands for your business?  Are you wasting time on administration and time consuming tasks that don’t require your expertise?  Does the thought of putting together a PowerPoint presentation give you a headache?  Have you got a report to write that you just don’t have the time to type up or muck around with tricky formatting?  Or maybe you have a tender submission to make and you don’t have the resources to give it the professional polish required? 

Perhaps you have a database of clients that you just never seem to have time to update?  Maybe you need help staying organised and on track or just keeping appointments? 

Is your workload and business expanding rapidly but your bottom line can’t quite justify that extra staff member? 

Whatever the issues that are weighing you down and stopping you from spending your time where it is really needed, a virtual assistant such as The Exceptional Assistant may be the answer you are looking for.  Whether it is just a single task you need help with or regular ongoing assistance, The Exceptional Assistant can lighten the burden.