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I Love My Job!

The journey from employee to business owner has been an exciting one and a journey I would highly recommend to anyone as a self development exercise.  I have never felt more challenged and stimulated and I have had to master a raft of new skills in a very short period of time.   I have had to learn the art of networking and become adept at marketing myself, a skill which I have not previously had to utilise.  I have also had to learn about taxation and accounting and all facets of business administration that were previously my employer’s domain.  As time goes on I am finding myself developing a more entrepreneurial mind set as I discover new ways to make my business successful and those of the clients I work with. 

I really do love what I do for living.  The independence and sense of achievement I get from running my own business is wonderful.  Only since I have worked for myself have I really found out what I am made of.   Many of my clients are self employed people and I love working hard for them every day and sometimes we are able to help each other solve the daily dilemmas of small business.

My job is never dull.  Every day there is an exciting new task or another potential client on the phone.  The variety is endless and the tasks as diverse as my clients and the industries they work in.  My enthusiasm for the job never wanes.

I also have the ultimate work life balance.  No employer could offer me the flexibility I have to manage my work load and still have time for the important moments and the important people in my life.

Now wouldn’t you like to work with someone like me that loves what they do every day?

After the births of my two children and in search of the elusive “better work life balance”, I finally made the decision to be self employed and in March 2008 I launched my own business, The Exceptional Assistant.  I am now a virtual assistant providing high level administrative and secretarial assistance to a variety of businesses and individuals. 

I’m an extremely versatile individual.  I have had more than twenty years experience in a variety of senior administrative and secretarial roles and I have developed extensive skills in all facets of office administration. I have worked in a wide cross section of industries and worked in businesses of all different sizes and structures.  Six years of my experience has been within both retail and merchant banks in many different roles.  I also spent three years with The Apple & Pear Marketing Board of New Zealand handling shipping and logistics.  More recently I was employed by a government body. I have also had exposure to construction and transport industries and have worked with lawyers, accountants, engineers HR managers and various IT professionals.

A Short Business Profile - The Exceptional Assistant

46 High Street, Nunawading Victoria 3131

Phone/Fax: (03) 9878 5228  Mobile: 0416 110 170


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I am an Associate Fellow (AF AIOP) of AIOP (Australian Institute of Office Professionals), a qualification I am extremely proud of.  This represents more than 20 years experience in office administration.

After being one of three state finalists in the 2009 AIOP Office Professional of the year, I was the winner of the title in 2010.  A truly prestigious honour.

The clients I have worked with are from every industry imaginable.  Many are sole traders or entrepreneurs who are time poor and travel a great deal and whose own offices are often a lap top computer and a plane seat.  Some are small businesses trying to manage fluctuating workloads and growth.  All are grateful to have someone reliable they can call on to keep the wheels turning (Me!)

Who is the Exceptional Assistant

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